Our Philosophy

Children have the right to learn the Skills and Habits of Mind that will prepare them for Life and for Learning in the World of the 21st Century.

Respect for each person as an individual their strengths, abilities, interests, values, culture.

Authentic relationships with children, families, adults and the world

Passion for knowledge, exploration and learning - connection with the wider world

Creativity, imagination, originality, innovation, thought, vision, problem solving,

Critical thinking, theorizing, testing, reflection, respect, open mindedness

Self appreciation, self belief and confidence


Mistakes are seen as opportunities

Collaboration and discussion- from working in small groups to the wider world

Self Responsibility, trying hard, persistence, perseverance, adaptability and flexibility

Opportunities for Time, Space, Wonder, Fascination Joy and Exhilaration​

Challenge, risk taking (not danger)in a supervised, safe environment, and bravery,

Developing and using senses as a tool for learning

Opportunities to appreciate and bond with the natural world (what you dont know and love you wont value and respect).


Ongoing professional development for all

Opportunities to develop lifelong memories of childhood time spent outdoors