Long Bay Nature Kindergarten

"Where children learn HOW to think and not WHAT to think"

Currently operating

Monday to Friday

9.00- 15.00

We take children from 3 to 6 years

1:5 teacher student ratio

Sessions are open all year round inclusive of school term breaks!

"Where children can learn in their own way and pace"

Based at Long Bay Regional Park the group is outside in nature the whole day, accompanied by the calming sound of the sea. 


Children climb trees and mountains, create art, explore, experiment and construct with the natural materials they find. We go for walks, observe animals and discover plants, jump in puddles and forecast the weather by watching the clouds. 

At Nature Kindy we read books, tell stories, rhyme and philosophize, we tumble in the grass, laugh and be silly. Sometimes we silently sit and listen to the sounds around us. We whittle sticks and  children learn the responsible use of tools.

Use of tools at Auckland Nature Kindergarten

"We work together as a group, as a team, out of compassion and trust"

Children develop strong friendships and social skills. They gain a deep awareness of nature, themselves and their environment. With this comes respect for mother earth and each other, with our unique abilities and personalities.

Connection and belonging

By visiting the same area each session children develop a sense of belonging and make the place “their own”. Feeling safe leads to trust and confidence which is essential to push ones limits and grow as a person. We are sensitive to the environment that we work in and ensure it is not detrimentally affected.

Valuable life skills

Emotional intelligence


confidence and creativity

These ​important life skills are transferable and prepare children best for all areas in life. They are developed naturally during the Nature Programme alongside with literacy and numeracy.

nature@playandlearn.net.nz          0508 OUTDOORS (0508 688 366)  

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