Home Based Care

Are you looking for an Early Education Service where your child or children can get out and about and do things children have always done – making huts, mud pies, climbing trees, playing games?



Are you looking for an Early Education service that offers your child risk, adventure and challenge in a safe and secure environment?


Play and Learn Home Based care is a service licensed by the Ministry of Education and follows the New Zealand Early Education Curriculum.  Play and Learn Early Education Programmes have a focus on learning in the outdoors and from nature. Individual educators will also be influenced by their own teaching philosophy and experience.


Play and Learn Homebased Care follows the same philosophy as our centres based around respect for children, time and space to explore freely, and lots of opportunities to be outdoors. Educators believe in learning from experience, so as much as possible children will participate in  regular excursions based on their current interests, bake, garden, work with clay. 



Advantages of Play and Learn Homebased Care



  • Educators who are sensitive to the needs and routines of individual children and families

  • Educators who respect and support your parenting choices

  • ​A home based care service that is passionate about children learning in the outdoors who supports both educators and children to have the best possible outcomes. 

  • Nature Playgroup

  • Regular trips out to the local community for example, libraries, walks, local parks, supermarket

  • Smooth transition to Nature Kindergarten

  • Low adult to child ratio (1:4)

  • Support from visiting teachers who are very experienced in taking groups of children into the outdoors

  • Smaller group sizes  and more opportunities to be outdoors so less illness (and less time off work!!)

  • Access to resource library (much more extensive than just a toy library)

  • Support from Play and Learn Early Education Centres meaning that resources, current research and knowledge is shared between educators of both services



Educators are chosen for their passion, experience, knowledge and enthusiasm for working with children in the outdoors


Children will go on regular outings within their local community either just with their educator or with a small group (1:4 adult to child ratio still applies) to local parks, libraries, supermarkets, reserves and beaches. In addition to this there is an expectation that they will also regularly attend nature playgroups and/or nature kindergarten. 


Not only do we have a strong focus on the outdoors, children also will have opportunities to learn about the world they live in by real life experiences such as baking, building, gardening.


Children will have access to a wide range of educational resources including (but not limited to) art resources - paints, pens, glue, glitter, clay, music - instruments, cds, books, puzzles


Children will have an individualised programme tailored to their own interests. They will have a "Learning Journey" book which will be a record of their learning which families are also encouraged to contribute to. 


Educators participate in regular professional development and are aware of current trends in early education and outdoor education. 


We offer 20ECE in conjunction with either our Out and About programme or Nature Kindergarten.


We cater for children from birth to six years



For further information contact us on home@playandlearn.net.nz


(09) 232 1981 (Office)

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