Ambury Regional Park Session Details

43 Ambury Road, Mangere Bridge

Term One  (Monday 4th February to Friday 19 April 2013)

Tuesdays 10am - 12pm

Meet at the at the first carpark on the right as you go in the main entrance (download map here)

Nature Playgroup can include, but not limited to—storytime, art resources, music, risk and challenge, social development, creatvity

Not that any day is ever the same, but a typical day might look like this.


Group session—morning tea and meeting to discuss plans and rules for safety

Activities—depending on what is discussed and planned in meeting this could be large group games or small group activities

Group debrief—discuss what they liked doing—what they want to continue next time. What to bring next time

Facilitators Role:

  • Check area is safe before session
  • Organise group meetings (beginning and end of session)
  • Observe and document learning during the session
  • Plan activities and provide resources

Adults (parents/ grandparents/ caregivers) Role:

  • Join in group activities
  • Observe, supervise children and join in their play when appropriate






Term One Weekly Outline

These plans may change from time to time depending on interests of children, weather etc. 


Week 1 -(5 February)  Introductions, safety

Week 2 - (12 February) , Bear Hunt

Week 3 - (19 February) Shelter building

Week 4 - (26 February) Forest sculptures

Week 5 - (5 March) Obstacle course

Week 6 - (12 March) Rope spider webs

Week 7 - (19 March) Nature Collage

Week 8 - (26 March) Easter activities

Week 9 - (2 April) Bug Hunt

Week 10 - (9 April)  Shared Morning tea, Review, Favourite activities of the term